Captain Walker

Am adding to a 2013 post I read about Capt. Walker.

Captain Hiram Walker and Hockaday Walker are one in the same. Served with him at Camp Pendleton in 1964 and 1965. Never saw him in civilian clothes. He would get his hair cut twice a week and would run 5 miles every day. To say he was "gung ho" would be an understement.

Promoted me to Cpl. and then just before my 3 year hitch was over recommended me for Officers school. When the orders came as excited as I was, he was even more excited. Made me run his 5 mile up and down the hills every day to prepare me for OCS. Came to the San Diego airport to wish me farewell as I was leaving for OCS at Quantico. Gave me a USMC wrist watch.

Clock now turns to 1968. Ran into him just before being rotated back to the USA. Told him I was the H&S Compny commander, 3-5, 1st. Mar Div. He said he was selected for Major and was in Force Recon. Last connection we ever had. 

He was definately "spit and polish", but how can one say that he or anyone else was too much a Marine. While not a Doctor, all I can say he might of shed the "globe and anchor" once in a while if he found a female mate.

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