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Carried Around the Design for 20 Years!

Carried Around the Design for 20 Years!

I'm enclosing several pictures showing the great tee shirt you sent me, a picture of the dress blues issued me at Parris Island April 1949. Thanks to your company I was able to bring them up to date. Also the display on the wall of my bedroom with items from you, the Marine Corps and the Korean Govt.

I had declined to bring my uniform up to date and wrote to HQMC and requested any information they had in regard to the ribbons I was entitled to. To my surprise they sent me five medals. At a ceremony here in Deland, FL the Korean Govt. presented to all vets of the war 1950 to 1953 the large medallion in the upper right of the picture. The rifle, pistol badges, the S/Sgt stripe and the 1st Mar Div patch came from you. The Marine Corps emblem in the upper center of the display came from an old China Marine from Enid, OK. It's about 70 yrs old. Thanks for all the items you sent. As you can tell I will always be proud of being a Marine

Semper Fi
Bill Wilder S/SGT USMC
Deland, FL

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