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Celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday with us!

Celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday with us!

Stop by our showroom in Oklahoma City next Tuesday, November 10th, to celebrate two hundred and forty years of the United States Marine Corps with some birthday cake and refreshments! We'll also be giving double punches on your punch card, and if you fill up your card, you'll receive $10 off your order or get a free t-shirt ($18.99 value).

Don't forget to try out our Pull-Up challenge to win a free T-shirt!

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jerry powers - July 15, 2020

selebrated 200 birthday in cuba, was a lot like the fourth of july, but there were a few good men there. we still have a few good men still. peace you all. thank you for your service, and god bless

Sgt Dan Wilson USMC Veteran - July 15, 2020

Isn’t that just like a Marine. We hear something is coming up and begin celebrating immediately! No sense being the last to join in! Happy Birthday Brothers and Sisters!!!

Jimmie Carol Ellis (was Campbell) - July 15, 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINE CORPS! Spent 8 of my 21 years in the Navy with the USMC: three at MCAS El Toro and five at MCAGCC Twentynine Palms. Love ’em! Jimmie Carol Ellis HMC USN Retired

jerry powers - July 15, 2020

jerry powers

happy birthday

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