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Charlie Company. 3rd Marines Quang Tri 1968

Charlie Company. 3rd Marines Quang Tri 1968

I'm not a Marine grunt, but an Army grunt finishing up 20 years, but bumped into Marine Infantrymen in Iraq off and on doing the same door to door operations in Baghdad as we were doing.

I've searched the internet and left messages at respective web sites trying to find out more information about my 4th cousin, whom I never knew. He was killed by fratricide in the Quang Tri Province, Vietnam December 8th, 1968. Jerry Lynn Owens. Born May 1st, 1948.

Most of the family never knew that he was killed by friendly fire until the internet came out and I was searching for info. "Misadventure" as they called it. Just another bull shit word. But one of his battle buddies left the attached photo on one of the sites. Most of the family that knew Jerry do not remember which one in the photo he is. The other family members are dead or do not reply. In 2002, I spoke with Jerry's brother's wife. Our family is so spread out, no one had photos to share. Just trying to track down some photo to put a name to a face, so no one in the family will forget. Some of whom have already forgotten. Thanks.

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