Does anyone really know why we weren’t aloud to eat the charms from what seemed like decades old MRE’s in boot camp? I vividly remember a night in boot camp on Camp Pendleton. We had just given our nightly report and were in our shelter halves. My good friend and I started enjoying our evening ritual of crCking open a few pieces of charms candy when to our surprise the shelter half was ripped open by the meanest drill instructor to roam the earth. We got yelled at for about 15 minutes straight then he left. We innocently thought that was the end of it but as soon as day-light cracked over the mountains the whole platoon was marching up and down Mt. Mother until we couldn’t stand. I didn’t eat another charm in boot camp and had real reservation when I got to the fleet.
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  • Erv Paulson

    I was at Pendleton in 1966 and again in 67 for ITR…we had C rats on overnight stuff…I remember the first one, I said to my buddy in the fox hole ‘what a bitch, this was mfg before I was born’…1945 was the date. Cans of what I can’t remember any longer and a 4 pack of smokes also a small tape of toilet paper. The smokes lasted for about one draw and burned up so fast, prolly had some of the toilet paper in them maybe?? Ah, the memories !

  • Harry

    In reply to The Deuce.
    The only person I recall calling ITR bootcamp was my Mom! Never had an MRE.EVER!! If I remember correctly,some of the C’s had “Chicklets ” hard to chew,just ate it like candy Harry ( I almost gave this guy a pass but my gut calls BS)

  • J Macon

    In reply to L. Ortiz.
    Went through PI in 1965 and Nam 66-67 a field radio operator, ate a lot of c rations and yes they did have Charms in those boxes.Retired in 2002 MGySgt

  • Sgt. C. Jones

    I wasn’t allowed to talk aloud in boot camp.

  • Mom of a Marine

    In reply to L. Ortiz.
    Note there is no date attached to this tale. His description doesn’t sound like any boot camp experience I have ever heard about either.

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