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Chaser for the NYC Guy that was AWOL 20+ Times!

In addition to the Story of the Chaser and the NYC Escapee, that may have been the same guy that I was charged with as a Chaser at MCB Twentynine Palms in the early 1970’s. The Judge at this individual’s Court Martial ordered me in the Courtroom to ensure that my weapon was loaded in front of the prisoner, with an order to shoot the SOB if he attempted to escape! I delivered him to the Base Brig. By the time I returned to the Judge Advocate Office on the hill, the guy had escaped out the back door of the brig and out across the desert, while the jail was being swabbed down!
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Robert H Bliss - May 29, 2020

It sounds like he had rabbit in him. I wonder what his time was for the run during the PFT?

Sgt. Wolf aka Bob Rader - May 29, 2020

I’m a retired deputy sheriff. Leg irons prevented running. Leg brace on planes, etc. slowed ’em down.

Cpl Bob Korean era - May 29, 2020

Sounds a lot like the swabbie I had dealings with at the Naval Ammunition Depot McAlester Oklahoma I wrote about in last comment on Chasers. As I mentioned, this guy would be gone at the flick of an eyelid. He took off numerous times. He was easy to find because he would always go to Oklahoma City OK to check on his girlfriend who he thought was cheating on him. When they eventually sent him to the Naval Pen in Corpus Christi Texas, he was handcuffed to me, and they put us on a Train to Corpus. That was a lot of fun…… Head visits, meals, etc. Got him there ok, and MP’s met us at the Train Station and hauled his *ss off to his new home. Always” wondered what became of him.

Ira C Mercer - May 29, 2020

Christmas Eve 1965, 3dFSR, Truck Company, Sukiran Okinawa, locked in laundry cage used by nasan’s with a prisoner that had been over the hill for three months. I had to take him for a physical exam on Christmas Day and then on to Smedley Butler brig. Poured rain Xmas day, stopped for wreck at the mouth of BC Street, Koza City. He bolted out of open M38a1! Two hours later I got him to the brig . I wrote reports till after dark in wet kackies, for his attempted escape and my firing of two separate.45 caliber rounds! Merry Christmas!

Robert H Bliss - May 29, 2020

It sounds like he had rabbit in him. I wonder what his time was for the run during the PFT?

Sgt C Conkwright. – 1962. 2nd MCD. - May 29, 2020

They should have chained him down to stop that crap!

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