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Thought you and your Marines would be interested in knowing, that Ms. Meriwether Ball, a distant cousin of Lt. General Lewis "Chesty" Puller, wrote a new book on her investigation into his strong past, the personal side. The title is; "Puller Chronicles; Volume 1, Second Edition".

The book can be purchased at:
Puller Chronicles Volume 1: Secrets and Mysteries of the Greatest Marine's Heroic Ancestral Faith

Ms. Ball came to my home and spent the better part of the day with me, discussing my knowledge and experiences with Gen. Puller and also that of my family. The ties between "Chesty" and my family were very close, as well as myself.

Her book is very interesting and factual and supported by Col. Jon Hoffman, USMC (Ret), Author of "Chesty, The History of Lieutenant General Lewis B. Puller, USMC; and by Col. Robert J. Abbitt, USMC, (Ret).

There is a book review on the Amazon Website, of which I found to be most favorable. Ms. Ball gave me a copy. Yes, I read it and found it rather interesting, plus her discussions with me… well… I will just say was very good and I know she did her homework and was factual. She is writing a second book and I do look forward to seeing/reading that one.

The numbers are shrinking quickly of the Marines/Folks who served with or personally knew "Chesty". I am the last in my family.

As always Sgt. Grit… thank you.

Steve Robertson

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