“Chesty Puller’s House”

By: Stephan J Robertson "Steve"

Dear Sgt. Grit,
A number of years ago you posted that Gen. Puller’s Home in Saluda Virginia was for sale. I responded to you on the Status and a long story. Well today, went to Saluda to return family items to the Middlesex County Museum because almost all had ties to “Chesty”. The Director of the Musuem has been trying to get me to visit “Chesty’s House and meet the couple whom bought it. Because of the lengthy drive from my house to there, I failed. Today, the couple was waiting for me. He is a Marine. He and his wife are spending alot of money trying to restore this 100 year old home to its orginal condition.
Mr. Sharpe make one H$ll of an offer to Marines, the Marine Corps League. Show up, bring a Marie Corps Flag….they will raise the flag, then lower it and issue a signed document that this flag was flown at “Chesty’s” house. And if one visits, “Chesty and Virginia” are buried 10 minutes away at Christ Church.
Thanks Don for your love and support of your beloved Marine Corps and keeps so much alive and infront of many.
As You Remember,
“Chesty’s Friend”
Steve Robertson
*Have proof of this statement.
Thought your Marines would be interested and know you are one strong supporter of the General. You and I have exchanged a number of mails through the years regarding “Chesty” and yes, have spoken/responded to some of the posts in the weekly newsletters. They are always interesting and at times challenging to say the least. But they are all good.

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