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“Chesty Puller’s House”

By: Stephan J Robertson "Steve"

Dear Sgt. Grit,
A number of years ago you posted that Gen. Puller’s Home in Saluda Virginia was for sale. I responded to you on the Status and a long story. Well today, went to Saluda to return family items to the Middlesex County Museum because almost all had ties to “Chesty”. The Director of the Musuem has been trying to get me to visit “Chesty’s House and meet the couple whom bought it. Because of the lengthy drive from my house to there, I failed. Today, the couple was waiting for me. He is a Marine. He and his wife are spending alot of money trying to restore this 100 year old home to its orginal condition.
Mr. Sharpe make one H$ll of an offer to Marines, the Marine Corps League. Show up, bring a Marie Corps Flag….they will raise the flag, then lower it and issue a signed document that this flag was flown at “Chesty’s” house. And if one visits, “Chesty and Virginia” are buried 10 minutes away at Christ Church.
Thanks Don for your love and support of your beloved Marine Corps and keeps so much alive and infront of many.
As You Remember,
“Chesty’s Friend”
Steve Robertson
*Have proof of this statement.
Thought your Marines would be interested and know you are one strong supporter of the General. You and I have exchanged a number of mails through the years regarding “Chesty” and yes, have spoken/responded to some of the posts in the weekly newsletters. They are always interesting and at times challenging to say the least. But they are all good.

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Kathie Wygant - May 20, 2023

I have a question about Chesty’s house as I see it is for sale. I contributed to a fundraiser a few years back to have a brick installed in honor of my Marine. I have never heard back to see if this has been done, if so what happens when this house sells again? I thought a Marine Corp Organization was buying this house.
Thank you,
Kathie Wygant

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Harry 1371 - March 28, 2020

“Goodnight Chesty, Where ever You are”

Ron Sharetts, MSgt USMC Ret - March 28, 2020

I had the honor of meeting General “Chesty” Puller in the summer of 1960. I was stationed at Camp Elmore, VA. Myself and another Marine had hitched a ride to DC with a Marine lieutenant from NOB. The lieutenant was in civilian clothes and we were in uniform.

Near Saluda, VA we got stopped for speeding. The police officer took the lieutenant straight to the court house and he was fined for speeding. Between the three of us we didn’t have enough cash. The lieutenant had personal checks but couldn’t get anyone to cash one. So off to jail he went.

We all thought we were done for, the lieutenant was locked up and we were stranded in a small town in VA. Then the “Turn-key” in the jail suggested that the lieutenant call “the General”. He did and a few minutes later a big sedan pulled up and two men got out. One was none other than “Chesty” himself. He stood there in the parking lot for I don’t know how long, and I have no idea what we talked about. I felt like Moses before the burning bush.

Then he took a check from the lieutenant, took it to one of the stores that had earlier refused the check, and returned with the cash. A couple of years later I was stationed at Quantico, VA as an MP saw Chesty coming through the gate on a regular basis, but will never forget the time that “Chesty” stood an shot the breeze with a couple of young Marines.

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