Chesty Rules

Chesty Rules

We put this picture on our Facebook page. Following are a few of the responses.

Kevin Kirby: Can’t really argue with someone who has been awarded the Navy Cross five times.

Arthur Ware: And an Army cross, if I’m not mistaken.

Timothy S. Pruitt: Hard core, HIS Corps!

Lou Michelli: Goodnight Chesty, wherever you are.

Bob Moser: A beer machine in every barracks!

Frank E. Smith: He did say what he felt or thought, I think that done him in plus age.

Yvonne Boden: Pantaleon Chesty is the man!

Thomas Ramsey: it isn’t an unwritten rule now though… do’h!

Shawn Minosky: It states you cannot walk with hands in pockets. Not that hands cannot be in them… Find the hair cut rule for me as well…

Chris Morgan: Somewhere in the Marine Corps, some officer is calling Chesty a sh-tbird for having a pipe in his mouth while in uniform… LOL! I remember in the mid 1980’s we had a 2nd LT. try to give the Regimental Sgt. Major a ration of sh-t over his mustache. What a site to see, then the Regimental Commander jumped the Lt’s arz! LOL!

Bob Baxter: He was a great Marine. In the 50’s he stood on a stage at an outside theatre at Camp Pendleton, CA. He showed a company of young Marines a Purple Heart ribbon. He said, “I have a locker box full of these.” Scared the h-ll out of all of us. He lived it! Semper Fi!

Angela Dawn Spake-Jacobsen: I had a Master Guns that would always have his hands in his pockets or he would be smoking and walking at the same time. Also, smoked in his office and flipped off practically everyone. In boot camp, we weren’t allowed to put our hands on our hips because we didn’t rate it yet. Gawd, some of the stupid rules they came up with.

Neal Ports: Authur Ware, you are correct about the Army Distinguished Cross. He received the nation’s 2nd highest award for bravery 6 times. Why no Medal of Honor? Believe it or not he was never recommended for it.

Angela Dawn Spake-Jacobsen: Oh and I had a Master Sgt that would tell the butterbars if they wanted a salute they would have to climb up all his rockers to get one. He was smooth man. Master Sgt Parnther. He always tried to make it sound like panther.

John Rice at Shawn: Hair cut rule was in the BST and I believe MCO P1020-34f when I was in. Hair must be 0″ at the base of the skull graduating to longer than 3″ on the top of head. I knew it because I always kept mine at 3″ haha

Deb Dennis: Rules? What Rules?

Gary Francis: I have read his book and from that it says he was my kind of Marine, only from the front would he give orders to other Marines. He saw that the door to Pearl Harbor was unclosable, he seen that decades before it happened. Straight up, Straight out, that was why he was not recommended for the medal of honor. The higher brass did not like him and his forthrightness. They asked him, he would tell them what they did not want to hear.

Oliver Pitts: when you have that many commendations and medals, you make your own d-mn rules. Semper Chesty… OOH RAH!

Richard Harp: F-ckin’ A Chesty!

Nick Gifford: Now that I do agree with. He wouldn’t have put up with this retarded-azs mickey mouse sh!t for one second.

Jerry Carter Nealey Sr.: that’s balls azs funny. Made my sh-tty day into 5 star day.

Vernon Dunbar: The U.S. Army brass hated the Gen. for the comments he made about them. The let him get the CMH and pretty much ran him out of the Corps. I am glad they don’t have that kind of “say” anymore when it comes to Marines.

John King: The greatest thing about the Marine Corps… is Chesty the bulldog

David L McCracken: Keep in mind this is a still photograph. He wasn’t necessarily standing there with his hand in his pocket. He might have been retrieving some matches to light his pipe when the photo was snapped.

Jack Guns O’Brien: The greatest thing about the Marine Corps is we win battles.

Bart Lytel: What an amazing man… Semper Fi my brothers and sisters in arms

Lee Medlin USN/RET: One badazs Grunt

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  • Victor Hasenauer

    I share a birthday with him, what an honor! 1975-76 Okinawa 3rd Mar. Div.OOHRAA CHESTY!

  • George Plaisted

    Not so my Brother, He is Commandant of the forces in glory who will follow Him in following Christ to defeat Evil in the final conflict to declare Christ ruler of all.

  • Donald Armstrong

    Also he sent his Marines into a to Oceanside and they fragged all the business that were cheating his Marines. Just a story we were told in boot camp.

  • Donald L. Armstrong

    When You walk the walk, You can talk the talk. In Boot camp (1968) at MCRD San Diego Right after Lights out. We would say. Good Night Chesty Puller. Where ever you may be.

  • John Stone

    When you stand guard at the Gates, Chesty is Officer of the Day.

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