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Christmas 1966 RVN

Christmas 1966 RVN

Father Christmas handing out REAL ground coffee and a few hoarded cigarettes in An Hoa 1966 G’day Sgt. Grit,

In spite of being a Corpsman in that bad place, a sense of humor was one of my most important tools I used for my Marines. This picture was taken Christmas week 1966 near An Hoa. We were using a partially destroyed cement building for some shelter from the rains.

Given a bit of orthopedic stockinette, cotton wool, merthiolate and adhesive tape… Father Christmas with his white beard and red hat made a call handing out REAL ground coffee and a few hoarded cigarettes. It has remained my favorite of the very few photographs we were able to take.

I’d be proud if you could publish it this Christmas season.

Semper Fi!
Doc ‘Chopper John’ Patrick HM3

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