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Christmas Blessings

Christmas Blessings
by Brenda Lee Clark, Marine Mom

As we make our Christmas list
during the holiday bliss
let us not forget Al Qedas list

Holiday cheer
of wine and beer
remember the 9/11 fear

As Troops and Soldiers eat MREs
while we fill our bellies with
cake, candies and cookies

While we’re warm and cozy
by our fireplace
our Troops bed down on
not such a soft place
truck, humvee and the ground
no complaining to be found

Putting up the Christmas tree
hanging stockings one, two and three
one of my sons is not with me
for he is away making sure we are free

We look for Santa in the sky
they look for mortars flying by
as the snow falls softly to the ground
the dust and dirt whirls around

The giving of ones lives
has broken our hearts
our trust in our Lord sets us apart

We will let no other nation tear us down
we will continue with our boots on the ground
our price of freedom comes with a cost
we morn and honor those whom we have lost

As Rudolph’s nose lights Santa’s way
children will wake to laugh and play
their mom or dad so far away
only wish they could share this special day

As you tear open your gifts with delight
please remember our Troops and
Soldiers continue to fight
if not for them we might not
have this wonderful Christmas night

My son is so far away
I miss him so much everyday
proud as can be I watch Fox News on TV
for a glimpse of a look that I might see
his handsome face looking back at me

On this special Christmas Day
count your blessings as the
Troops and Soldiers make the way
for us to say
“We are proud Americans and we’re here to stay”

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