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Christmas Military Wedding

Christmas Military Wedding

Marine Wedding Marine Wedding

Hello. My name is Frances Roy and I am the Mom of LCPL Anastasia Benton, USMC. My daughter and her boyfriend Robert Benton joined the Marine Corps in August 2006 and they went thru boot camp Parris Island together, for the most part, until Rob hurt his leg and was held back for a couple months. My daughter graduated before Rob and went on to Camp Lejuene after a brief visit home. Soon after Rob graduated boot and he came home for a visit also just about Christmas time. My daughter managed to come home from 29 Palms to do recruiting and in that time they managed to get engaged and have a small but really beautiful wedding, the day after Christmas 2006. There was no time for a honeymoon because my daughter had to head back to 29 Palms and Rob went to Camp Lejuene for his MCT. Finally, the bride and groom met up at 29 Palms for a few weeks and then Anastasia was sent back to Camp Lejuene as her station. After Rob had his schooling in CA he was stationed back at Camp Lejuene and these 2 kids got to set up house together for the very first time in their marriage. In August this year, Rob was deployed to Falujah Iraq and left behind his beautiful bride. These kids haven’t been together much in their marriage so far and their first wedding anniversary will be spent apart. Being the good Marines they are, they take it all in stride and wait for the day they can be together again when Rob comes home and take their honeymoon trip to Orlando. I wanted to share with you and your readers a picture of the bride and groom and ask prayers for them to have a long and happy marriage. Anastasia is 20 and Rob is 19 and very much in love. It’s their great love for each other that keeps them together and happy while they are so far apart. I’m sending a picture of them on their wedding day hoping you might like to share it with your readers. And if you’d like to send Anniversary Greetings or words of encouragement here is LCPL Anastasia Benton address. I’m sure she’d love to hear from any and all as it is very lonely be a Marine that is the wife of a deployed Marine. Thank you all, past and present for defending this great nation and God Bless America!

4051 CAIL DR.
with kind regards, Frances Roy Proud “MOM” (Mother Of a Marine)

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