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CLB 1 Maintenance Company Homecoming

CLB 1 Maintenance Company Homecoming

Sgt. Grit,
On Saturday, September 6, we were at Camp Pendleton, CA to welcome home our son, LCpl Kronenberg as well as the rest of the members of CLB 1 Maintenance Company. These heroes, our young men and women had served for the last seven months in Fallujah, supporting Operation Iraquis Freedom. I’m sending along a few pictures, both of Justin while at work in Fallujah as well as his homecoming. We are so very poud of him and his fellow Devil Dogs for a job well done. This was Justin’s second deployment. His first was in T.Q. in 2005, being deployed just 3 days after he and our lovely daughter-in-law Tavia were wed. Tavia served during both deployments as a KVP, during this deployment she was asked to be the lead KVP and a big job well done to her.

Justin re-enlisted for another 4 years, leaving behind the Optical Electornics and moving on to a new MOS, Combat Correspondent. This means he will be leaving Camp Pendlenton. They will be leaving in Novemenber for MCRD, Perris Island. They are both CA natives and look forward to living in a new state. We look forward to several vacations in that part of the country.

Semper Fi
PMM of Cpl Justin,home from Sandbox, PM of Kate- God’s hard worker, SIL Minister Rick, DIL Tavia, Most Beautiful Grand daughter Kayla Marie & adopted Cali mom of Cpl Mark

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