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Col Dave Shoup

Col Dave Shoup

Col Dave Shoup is on the left. That belt around his waist is actually a life belt we all wore aboard the troop transports enroute to invasion. Major Jim Crowe is on the right and that pouch is a map case. Col Shoup was awarded the CMH for action on Tarawa. Looking through my “archives” I came across several other photos I thought you might like to see, sort of a bonus. There is a photo of a Jap submarine recovered at Pearl after the attack. Also the entire Jap Sub crew taken before their mission. These were two-man submarines. A good friend in nearby Manchester was a crew member of the USS Ward that sunk one of these subs a couple of days before the attack. Also a photo of my Recruiting days in a l917 Fiat automobile. Our living quarters at New River before it was called Camp Lejeune, The USS Arizona just after the attack and the Jap surrender aboard the USS Missouri. Our Second Division tent area in New Zealand just before Tarawa. Miscellaneous Saipan and Okinawa battlefield photos. Always nice to communicate with my favorite people………. MARINES.

Semper Fi

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