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Comrades in Arms

Murl D. Long

Tonight, we gather to honor the birthday of the Corps.
Our ranks are thinned, some in peace, some in war
Those assembled are your friends, having borne similar training as you
Those memories will never leave our mind, no matter what we do

Look around you and share your stories with them-laugh and smile
Knowing some are whoppers and grow all the while
Still, you embellish your experiences with great flair and style
Like crawling on your knees with the pack on your back, that last dusty mile

Those of us who date back fifty years, or more, have a concern. Who is to carry on?
Who, in ten years will fill this chair–who will tell those stories when we are gone?
Fear not, I am here to say there are tested veterans coming along the way
They will take our place and carry the banner unfurled some fine day

Their training was the same, their duty and honor as strong as ours ever will be
Fear not, we will be replaced by women and men of which we will be proud, you will see
The honor of our Corps will always be held high for all to admire
Each one has been tested by the steel forge fire

Lift your glass and join me in a toast to those who have fallen in days gone by
To those who have joined us to celebrate this day—and those yet to die
Ours is a comradeship others admire for it’s strong resolve, love of country-
determined will-and rigid spine
The strength of this brotherhood is very hard to define

God has saved the greatest honor which he will kindly bestow
On those who have served their time in “Hell” where others feared to go
When we take our last journey to Heaven’s gate, so serene
We will see it is guarded by none other than a MARINE

Murl D. Long
November 10, 2005

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