Concrete US Flag

Concrete US Flag

Sgt. Grit,

Here is the picture of my father-in-laws concrete flag, it is situated at the Veterans Wall of Honor in Wasilla Alaska. This wall was established about 7 years ago and Joe (my father-in-laws name) Sweeney had a big part in this whole ordeal. Marines seem to be at the helm of quite afew Patriotic movements. I am sending other pics of the wall a.s.a.p.
Semper Fi…John

P.S. I had gotten my draft notice in fall of 66′ so I went to the Marines to join up, (figured if I was going to Viet-Nam which was very likely ), and die for my country I at least wanted it to be in the service of my choice. However, I was married with one child, and my wife was pregnant with our second…I was classified as 3-A, only in time of war.

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