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Continental Marines: Notable Dates

Notable USMC Dates of the Revolutionary War

1776, March

Marines land on New Providence Island, Bahamas. In 13 days the secure two forts, occupy Nassau, control the Government House, seize 88 guns, 16,535 shells, and other supplies.

1776, December

Marines assist Washington’s Army in the second battle of Trenton, marking the first documented Army-Marine engagement. Later that spring, Washington incorporated some Marines into artillery units of his reorganized Army.

1778, January

Marines sail down the Mississippi and secure New Orleans to keep British traders out.

1778, April

Under the command of John Paul Jones, a Marine detachment makes two raids on British soil (the first in over 700 years).

1783, January

In the West Indies, Marines board and seize the British ship Baille.

1785, June

At the end (1783) of the Revolutionary War, the last of America’s warships are sold. The Continental Marines and the Navy are dissolved.

1798, July 11

President John Adams signs a bill making the US Marines an official institution.

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