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by Christy Barnes

Aw Snap is the word of the day
he says it in every way.

He acts too big for his age,
and his personality has a certain rage.

Core is his name and what’s in him,
definitely runs deep within.

The center of core is awesome and is very thick like the Earth,
He is unique in every way and has been like that from birth.

He has powers beyond belief, he’s full of spit and fire,
never doubt his capability, his will fulfill your desire.

His name comes from the greatest branch of them all,
the BIG U.S.M.C. Honor, Courage and Commitment,
Hoorah for all eternity.

Don’t think for a second this little one, you will never want to meet,
for his name is Core Fidelis Barnes and he will defend and defeat.

Semper FidelisAlways Faithful
Core FidelisThe Center of Faith

Together they intertwine, forever it will be.
Now I’m not saying he will ever join, in time he’ll find his destiny.

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