There is no higher respect to be given than that to a CORP MAN. As this is typed there are still tears in my eyes from reading what a CORP MAN wrote about Viet Nam and going to ” The Wall ” with his daughter with recommendations that others who haven’t been need to go. It’ been said MARINES guard heavens gates. What’s not been said is: ” Behind every MARINE is a CORP MAN in case he’s needed. MARINES may carry a lot of memories about combat and etc. but NO ONE knows what a CORP MAN carries……for he carried MARINES in his heart and soul. DOC, YOU ARE MY BROTHER. Semper Fidelis
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  • Rod

    Doesn’t get much better than having”Doc” around! When the shit hits the fan and you’re getting small, he is tending to someone or hauling their ass out. Combat medics,no matter the branch,are the ones that stand tall in Hell. GOD BLESS the Docs!

  • GYSGT. Dan Marso

    Our Corpsman was always there for us, thank you Doc ! Semper Fi Brothers!


    Not enough can be said on behave of a Corpsman aka “Doc”. I was a 1/4 radio operator with 1st Bn 1st Marines in 1969. When someone was wounded “Doc” was always there. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Doc Norm Gouty who was with Charlie 1/1 out of Washington,D.C. please let me know. My number is (404)219-6672 ,Isaac Thomas of Atlanta,Ga. GOD BLESS THE CORPSMAN. SEMPER FI

  • Frank Morelli

    Corpsman > I believe I wrote that article in regards to going to the “Wall” with my daughter .As hard as it is especially the first time I highly recommend you going As you walk along panel after panel your thoughts turn to your time .Events ,names & places .How we can remember especially all these years very vivid in our minds .Flashbacks become real .When we reach those we search for we stand ,lean forward squint to read the name Who was this kid ? Why was he chosen and not me ? What about his family ?I can’t hold back the tears as I remember tagging him and then he was carried away .Gone but not forgotten .Forever I remember , Mourn & Pray .March 30 will be fifty years since you were KIA along with nine other of our Brothers I will never forget you your “Doc” Semper Fidelis

  • bruce s bender

    The Wall- never made it to D.C. to see the Wall- had a friend who was an usher at my wedding- Army- in Nam- we agreed to go to WALL together about 25 years ago- he had a lot of issues from being in Nam- finally died a few years ago- never made it to Wall- still want to go- may get there yet- not looking forward to reviewing names- as I know a few of those – who never made it back- and Lo and Behold- a few of us still suffer from those times- In World War 1 and War War 11 – it was called being shell-shocked – not PTSD- We are older and wiser now- and some say enough already going to places where they do not want us- and we lose more Marines – the enemy has changed now- they do not wear uniforms- but are in regular clothes – and are a threat to us as more dangerous than ever. I am torn between bombing the crap out of ISIS- but they keep weapons in hospitals and apartment buildings where innocent civilians live – and a different kind of war now. I just want all our Men to be safe- especially the Marines- I am over 70 now- and saw for Fleet Week in NYC saw 4 Marines all Staff NCO’S – some looked like boy scouts- and 1 SGT. did not look old enough to shave. One former Marine who was a bodyguard to a high profile talk show person- naturally carried a pistol- but also had a knife in a sheath- for close work. I can honestly say the Marines today are trained in a new format- as times changes – training changes too! Is a world with peace ever going to be seen in my lifetime? I want all Marines to return safely after time is up- and definitely in one piece. Semper Fi-

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