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Corporal Bishop

Corporal Bishop
by Del Abe Jones

Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Adam Bishop

A hero to all who knew him
He loved all, but Family the best
He excelled in everything he did
Until he passed this final test.

He gave all for his Country
A true Patriot, that’s true
With three tours of duty
Trying to do all he could do.

He’d served as a Scout Sniper
And been out on many patrols
But was sitting at a desk
When he joined his comrade’s souls.

Ironically, should have been safe
But evidently, was his time
But, the loss of another great one
Just, really seems a crime.

Birdie and (late) Gray are his parents
He was the baby of six born
Married Emma Katherine last year
And now, each of them will mourn.

And his loss touches each of us
Whether we knew him or not
Another casualty of this war
A loss of the best we’ve got.

He leaves a legacy behind
Of accomplishments galore
Good deeds to friends and family
Now, who could ask for more?

Well, all of us could ask
Although it will never be
But, he left his mark on this Earth
And will dwell Up There for eternity.

A final Salute with Honors
As he is sadly, laid to rest
Once a Marine, always one
Who has passed, his final test.

Rest in peace, Corporal.

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