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Corpsmen Quotes

Corpsmen Quotes

I don't really give a rat's hind end for the blue side of the Navy. I managed seven years without stepping on ship. I wore green the entire time.

Have you thought about doing some other Corpsmen Quotes on shirts? ie: "You just sit right there and nice Doc will poor you a hot cup of Suck it the Hell UP!", or "If your going to be stupid, you gotta be tough". There are plenty of fine Corpsman sayings we tend to have for Marines that either malinger or are just not the sharpest knife in the proverbial drawer.

We may give them hell but they will always be our Marines first. We may be the maintenance tech on killing machines but they are only on loan from us to the Commandant. J

All the best,
Doc Bretz
Semper Fi!

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Doc HERBERT - April 9, 2022

All Bleeding Stops Eventually. If Ya Can’t Truck It, F*** It. You are forced to utilize another form of Travel which usually involves Leather Cadillacs.

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