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Cosmic Marine Mystery Admin |

I graduated MCRD San Diego Friday, August 25,1969 with Plt 2110.

The 1969 calandar (on the web) indicates this date fell on a Monday, NOT Friday.

Of course graduation always falls on a Friday.

I went on active duty on Friday, June 16,1969.

The calandar indicates this was also on a Monday.

I cross checked the calandar with the Ohio State University football schedule for 1969 and it was correct.

I also cross checked with another platoon that graduated in November,1969 and it also had that graduation date falling on a Monday.

I have never been a mystery fan but this one has me befuddled and pondering my existance.

If you graduated in 1969, check the calandar and see if you can solve this mystery.

If you can solve this one, E-mail me via Sgt.Grit so I can get on with my life, such as it is.

Cpl. Dick Bates

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