Courtesy Incoming Mortar Fire

Camp LeJeune (2nd Mar. Div) – 1949 – cleaning my BAR – lost it on forward slope of a hill March 2, 1951 courtesy incoming mortar fire. Went over the wall at Inchon Sept. 15, 1950 … served under Lewis “Chesty” Puller at Hagaru at the reservoir. This aside: just prior to the Inchon landing my fire team leader Cpl Boyer, who had served under Puller in WW2, gathered us one evening in the cafeteria of the ship – says “Well children, it goes this way, the 7th got Litzenberg, the 5th got Murray … and we got Puller.” Noticing the puzzled looks, he tossed in ” Puller will enter with a death wish, and will take as many of us with him that he can.” At the makeshift airstrip at Hagaru the man would stand in clear view of the nearby hills and scan the area … maybe not a death wish but surely the fearless warrior he is portrayed as.

George Elsasser – 1949-52 – discharged a buck sergeant.

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