Cpl. Ron Pate

I was a 2841 in ELMACO with Pate we both were in Radio Relay section, we had not worked together much as I had problem with 1St Sgt. During move from Air Base by Dog Patch to FLC I had helped move Com stuff in Radio Relay to the Plywood Elephant, I think I only had a rack at FLC a couple days. Got to Nam in Nov. burner shitters and TAD to conveys duty as Co. Camder did like my records of M.O.S. from C&E. Batt San Diego a another story! Ronny and I walked to club that night a little late so we stood up leaning on the fence, round eyes on stage were great. Grenade went off Pate and I were knocked to ground when I woke up later, Marines were still leaving so I moved Ron and my self to wall so not to trip any one. All Marines inside club thought the gooks were inside the wire so they were leaving for Defense.

Ronny they say got a piece in the heart , I was wounded from shoulders to ankles. Marines reasonable did not do time. One got a Bad Conduct discharge but because of Drugs. I have never talked about this as of coarse I never received purple heart nor should have I but being in N.S.A. Guam Naval hospital Japan then Great Lakes till June 1970, I seen so many wounded Marines legs arms missing burns Infection as I was on Ward 3 S. great lakes dirty ward. Plus I got to come home early Ronnie stood by me I lived he died. I am going to PTSD meetings now for a year or so. I am telling this for others maybe me some. I now wear Marine Hats, put emblems on my trucks 10 or 15 years ago. I was always proud my being a Marine by volunteering to serve in Corp and Nam. But being stationed at El. Tore from June to Oct. with all the Hippy Dippy spitting outside gate. Last time I was spit on was in Denver Airport by a mother of two children plus not many regular people supported us either

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