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Cpl. Tom Harris & Gene Simmons

Cpl. Tom Harris & Gene Simmons

dear sgt.grit,
i would like to share this with everyone.i’m a disable vet i’ve had two heart attacks this past may plus i have i hurt my back and had to have two back the va will not let me drive due to me passing out alot.but any how back in oct.2006 i got to meet gene simmons from kiss. i wore my marine uniform gene just went crazy.gene started crying along with me he told me that the marines are the finest service in the entire world.i’m also with the disabled veterans at the tuscaloosa va. in tuscaloosa,al.chapter one.i have been a kiss fan since i was a kid.gene signed a poster for me that i had sine i was a kid.i would like to tell everyone if you go to parisians or belks buy the kiss perfume for men and women.this was a say that all that has happened to me in the past two years has really lifted my one point i was so down that i just did not want to live anymore.but maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel i just hope it’s not a train.i would love to here from some one. i just want one more wish.and that is that i could have lunch or dinner with gene.i would never ask for anything else for myself again.also i love being a marine i served from 1987 to 1994.i then served in the al.nat.guard from 2000 to 2005.i wanted to go to iraq so bad but they would not let me go due to what all was happening to me and they finally came down and put me out.i just started getting my disablity.but enough about me.i just would like that wish with gene.

thanks. cpl. tom harris

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