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Cream of the Crop by Gregory A. Phillips

“Cream of the Crop”
By Gregory A. Phillips 5-23-2004

The Cream Of The Crop
The United States Marine Corps

We the few, the proud, the Marines. Hated by the other branches, with the exception of Seabees and Hospital Core Men and Amphibious Ready Groups, and lately Special Op’s of the other branches, we are superb. We did our thing at Bellow Wood, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal and numerous other battle fields.

Why we are so good, we let Special Op’s of the other branches freeze areas for us so that Force Recon and Scout Snipers can be fresh and rested when we reap havoc on opposing forces. We are handsome and witty. We are cool; when the shit hits the fan we become ugly in a handsome Marine way. We kill maim and render enemy fighting forces ineffective with the greatest of ease. We are the tip of the spear. Doggies (Army, Ain’t really Marines yet) Squids/Swabbies (Navy, Not able to finesse out of water) and Fly Boys (Air Force, Air in the brain mechanism, also known as Wild Blue Yonder Wonders) envy us. We charge in growling with supporting arms. Our Harriers, Snakes and other choppers growl from the sky, our artillery, tanks, LAV’s and AMTRACS growl from the ground. Our grunts breathe fire as they growl, with weapons blasting. Our support troops awaiting orders to ferry supplies to the front so that they may growl too.

No enemy is a match for us. We have prevented the eternal war between Heaven and Hell since we were born of a rifle and a bayonet at TunTavern.

God and the Devil are over joy’ed with us, we keep the gates of Heaven and Hell revolving and we impress the ladies in both places. Lieutenant General Chesty Puller (Eternal Commandant of all Marines who crossed the final line of departure), maintains a Marine Barracks in Heaven and an Air/Ground Proving Ground in Hell, commanded by Pappy Boynton himself. The Black Sheep Squadron is in charge of Marine procurement.

All that is left to say is SEMPER FI! THE CORPS IS FOR EVER!
Author: Gregory A. Phillips, Civilian Marine
Sgt. E-5
Service Number: 232 06 30

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