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Cruise Books

Cruise Books

Semper fi brothers , if there is any marine out there who has a cruise book from 1bn3rd marines west PAC and one from 2nd bn 3rd mar that they have to sell that they found , I need them to complete my career in the corps. Or if you know someone that has them . Mine were thrown away by mistake. And you don’t know how much I miss , the memories. The time would be 77-78 and alpha co 1/3 and headquarters plt 2/3 were the cruise times. To Philippines , Thailand Cebu , Singapore , Pusan Korea tawain .the ships were the uss. Cleveland , the uss tarawa .Stationed in Hawaii marine corps air station . Both under the command of Col. Bommer. Please if any one out there can help. The 1/3 book cover was cammo and the2/3 book cover was white with red writing on the front . And also trying to find a graduation book from Paris island platoon 140 1st recruit Bn. MCRD Parris Island S.C. Graduated July 27th 1976. Drill instructors ssgt Turnner. SSGT Saunier. SSGT Pitcher, and a Sgt Bell. Have a terminal illness and I have about 7 months left , and would just like to leave my son some awesome memories. He is in the army and is EOD, a sapper . Deals with explosives did two tours in Afghanistan and one in Kuwait . And there are know words I can say how proud of him for all he had done, and I just want to leave him with my memories . Has 9 years in and making a career of it. God bless him I wish and hope that the lord in some way will let me be around to see it. But we have a huge collection of or time served. But it’s those three books I would love for him to have. If anyone can help in any way to locate the books please contact me by email. God bless to all our troops past present and future, for all they gave , have given , and will give. Hope to hear for someone soon . Thank you to Sgt. Grit for having a way to reach out to all my brothers out there. Semper fi do or die! Respectably CPL R.J,miles. I will pray every chance I get the this will happen. And I don’t expect anything for free. What ever it takes, believe it or not the boot camp is the most important, but would love to locate all three.??
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