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Current Ride

Current Ride

This is my current ride. Its a 1954 Ford F-100.

The first picture was taken at a local car show. The second picture is of the engine bay with the stainless steel firewall. The third picture is of the custom made wheel and the cap that Grit had made for me in his custom shop. The caps were made to accept the custom made one sided challenge coins and have the 11th Marines Cannon and name: "The Cannon Cockers." Under that is the engraved names of Goog, Hunts, Grit, and Fuller.

Grit's custom department can make all sorts of items, give them a try sometime.

SSgt DJ Huntsinger


The 4 of us served with 11th Marines HQ Btty 69-70

Fuller passed earlier this year. Agent Orange related leukemia.

Sgt Grit

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