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D-Day Museum in New Orleans

D-Day Museum in New Orleans

I just returned home from a ship’s reunion in Mobile as I was stationed aboard the USS Navarro APA-215 (troop transport) from 1962-1964. I have three grandson’s now in the Corps. One, LCPL Kane M. Funke, was killed in Falluja on August 134, 2004 as was in 2/7, Echo Co., WPNS PLTN: LCPL Justin Demaranville is also in Falluja and has been wounded once already is with 3/1 India Co., 3rd, PLTN and the third on is LCPL Rick Burke with the Marine Security Detachment at the Bangor Washington Trident Sub base.

While at the reunion we went to the D-Day Museum in New Orleans which was really a great experience. I found a sign there that I would like to share with you. I would recomend that all who can visit the D-Day Museum as it covers both the Pacific and European Theaters of the war.

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