Da Nang PX

I remember it well also it was at the foot off Hill-327. I spent many sundays trucking Marines to the PX and Beer Garden there. Had more than a few there myself and even met one of my drill instructors there. The thing that I remember the most about the beer garden is that it was huge and always full of service personel from all branches and we all had to check our weapons in at the door. Also a great place to appropriate a new jeep or 5 ton from the Army to give the mechanics something to paint MC green and put new TAC marks on.

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  • Mike McManus

    Was a Bn radio chief in 1968 down the road at 1st Recon Bn. One of my radio operators came to me with a sad story of how he misplaced his PRC -25 while consuming excessive amounts of local beer (ba-mu-ba/33 beer). I gave him two options; one go tell t”the man” his tale of woe, or wander down to Freedom Hill and “find” one. Needless to say he chose option two.

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