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Dale Peterson’s story “Guardian Angel”

Dale Peterson’s story “Guardian Angel”

Creighton and his momSgt. Grit~

I just wanted to comment on Dale Peterson’s story about getting to the airport…. almost on time! Just as I was getting to the end, and he said he could not find the big black man that brought him to the airport, and then he was told that he reported alone, I teared up and got chills…. then I read the next paragraph, only to read that Mr.Peterson still feels that way everytime he thinks about that story.

I have a similar story…..
My son graduated boot camp Dec. 2006. The following Sunday, our church was having a special patriotic service, so my son wore his dress blues. We sat toward the front of the church. When the service was over, my daughter and husband were talking with some others, and my son and I had just stepped out into the aisle. An elderly (very elderly) man walked down the aisle and shook my son’s hand, thanked him for serving and asked if he had been to Iraq yet. My son said, “No sir. I just finished boot camp.” The elderly man said, “Well, you’ll be going to Iraq, and you’re coming back; I’m praying for you, son.” Creighton and I looked at each other and smiled with tears in our eyes. When we looked back to thank the elderly gentleman, he was gone. (and he couldn’t have walked that fast on an uphill aisle of a large church!) I told my son that the man must have been an angel sent from God to tell us that my son would be OK when he was deployed. More than a year later, my son did go to Iraq. There were times I felt so much fear, but then I would remember the “old angel” God sent that Sunday morning, and my trust would be restored! It was an event (miracle) that I have held on to ever since! Oh, and by the way, my daugher and husband said they never saw a man talking to us and they were right there!

Creighton and his momAs I hugged my son the day he left for Iraq, I thought about the “old angel’s” message to us… and how I thanked Him for that promise when my son returned! (pictures attached)

Proud Marine mom,
Cheryl Greene
Atlanta, GA

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