Damn..How Old!

Well I had just turned 15 years old when I climbed on the train for South Carolina. What an adventure! It was a living hell. I cried everyday for 63 days until they discovered my age. I might say I was still there and hanging on. The Gunny pulled me out and I thought it was over only to discover they had discovered my age.

Then the Gunny ” Howe” says see this little boy and cut it why can’t you f*cks..I was feeling pretty good then…so away I went…… come back when you are 18….

I didn’t I joined the Army ‘”Airborne all the way ” Semper Fi

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  • Larry…0331-’65-’69

    Did the Army make you cry, too?

  • Sgt. Johnson, D.E.

    I’ll bet you forgot how to blouse your boots too!!! No one in tbe Army blouses thier boots properly anymore

  • MGST W Schroeder Ret.

    I went through boot camp at PI in 1942 I was 14 but I did not cry, just wondered when I was going to die, but I made it and twenty seven years later retired.

  • L.J. Wilson

    You earn the title and the lengo that goes with the title. Marines say “Semper Fi” for a reason. You sir have not earned the title. Thank you though for your service. Sgt Wilson, L.J. 68-72

  • MSGT M Nellis

    You ended up at least serving your country which is good. However with only 63 days you have not earned the right to call yourself a Marine or to use the words Semper Fi. I went thru boot camp in 1955. Giving up was not an option. Ended up serving 30 yrs. Also have two sons who are Marines. One a Captain and one a CWO3 at retirement. MSGT. M. Nellis RET.

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