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DaNang Ammo Dump

DaNang Ammo Dump

J.R. Holding his prize possession

Sgt. Grit,

I just finished reading the story from Carl Baker about his experience on April 27,1969 when the DaNang Ammo Dump exploded and I thought this picture might be of interest.

I was assigned to HQ. Bn. 3rd MAR. DIV. and we had a compound located on Freedom Hill right next to the main PX. The picture, taken the day after the ammo dump exploded, shows me holding my prize possession. I had just pulled the locker out of what was left of the hootch that we had built ourselves just weeks before the dump went up. The pile of rubble in the back round is the main PX on Freedom Hill. Luckily, I had stored the tape deck in the locker before we were evacuated and it survived the blast.

J.R. Inganamort

USMC / Cpl. / 0331

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