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Dark as a Black Cat

Dark as a Black Cat

Yo Ho Grit and Grunts everywhere, Shouse here back from the Annual Reunion of the KheSanh Veterans in Dallas. Sgt Grit we were glad to have you and your daughter in attendance along with another lovely little lady and the Gunny from your staff. Glad you all came down.

While all of us fine specimens of former active duty Marines were telling our stories of greatness on the battlefield of the Nam, I remembered one night we went out for a listening post. I think there was 6 of us, anyway, we split into 2 man groups and were going to set up about 50 or so yards apart. Nam nights are as dark as a black cat in a coal bin so trying not to alert any gooks in the area we went out around dusk. All of a sudden, we hear a loud “Son of B***ch” there is a snake over here as big as my leg. The guys “found” one of those boas or anacondas or whatever those big snakes were in the dark. Needless to say we did not hear any gooks that night. If they were close they probably had as big a laugh as we did. And just to let the animal activists know, there was no animal harmed in this action although I am sure the men involved would have loved to have had a change of trousers.

Guys and Gals say a prayer for our little Brothers and Sisters in the SandBox, and hope they get home safely. Let’s make sure that they are greeted as Heroes when they return not as outcasts like some of the men we all know and served with. Semper Fi - My guys deserve to use this phrase - Ron Shouse

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Harry - April 30, 2020

Sounds like the snake you speak of might be a “Rock Python”.Had one in our bunker on OP-6 Camp Love. Harry

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