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Death of a Marine

Death of a Marine

Carl leaning on a fence in a green fieldmy husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack Sunday. he was Marine Force Recon and did 3 tours in Vietnam. he did a lot of other things that were classified but suffice to say he qualifies as a hero like all Marines do.

he was larger in life and in death, he has become a legend to me. this photo, though you cannot see the writing on his shirt, is one from i got him from Sgt. Grit. it says “University of Vietnam.” i just wanted to post this so other Marines will keep Carl and his family in their prayers. he is now standing alongside his mates in Heaven guarding the gates.

if you post this notice of his passing in your newsletter, please make sure i know so i can print out and add the copy along with all the things i keeping of him. he was so vital and important to me. he took my heart when he passed.

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