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Decals Got Me Out Of A Ticket

Decals Got Me Out Of A Ticket

The only decal not USMC is the one above Viet Vet. It is a NRA sticker. Get lots of nice comments, and got out of a ticket.


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Bill Allen - June 28, 2020

I had a similar experience, I was on the Indian Nation Turnpike outside of McAlester, OK doing 75 in a 65 work zone (that means the fines double) when I was stopped. A Oklahoma Highway Patrol was just over the hill when I topped over. I though, Sh&t he’s going to throw throw the book at me. The OHP came to the car and told me I was doing 10 over in a work zone, and took my Driver Lic. and Insurance and went back to his car. I told my wife this is going to be expensive since we had out of state Texas tags. After a while he came back and told me he was known as “The Hammer” and gave everyone a ticket he stopped. He then stated that since I was a Marine, Vietnam and Disabled Vet. he wanted to thank me for my service by gave me a warning. He then stated if he ever caught me again on his highway speeding, he would throw the book at me.

John(aka duffle bag)DeStefano - June 28, 2020

I had a similar experience while driving through Petaluma, CA on my way back to Oregon. On the outskirts of town I was driving in the left lane. The right lane was beginning to merge into the left and some a$$hole driving next to me thought it would be a good idea to speed-up and pull in front of me. I wasn’t going for it. I put my foot to the floor, blowing past him at about 75 in a 35 when I noticed a CHP motorcycle cop just sitting on the side of the road, My first thought was AW Shucks. Naturally he pulled me over, and that other a$$hole drove past me. I was pissed. The cop comes walking up to my truck, and I can see him in my rear view mirror with a big smile on his face. I’m thinking this guy is gonna enjoy this. He told me he hates giving tickets to Viet Nam vets especially Marines. Told me to slow down, and “Have a nice day”. I had stickers on my window for 2nd & 3rd MAR DIV, and disabled plates. They got me out of a ticket this time, but they don’t always work

l tokach Former S/Sgt. USMC - June 28, 2020

I had a similar experience a few years ago while traveling to Tampa Florida. I was on route 30 when I was pulled over by a Patrolman using a radar gun, he told me I was going12 miles an hour over the speed limit . Well my next thought was here goes my vacation money. When he walked up to my truck I noticed that he was an older officer with the rank of S/Sgt. and a instructor insignia placed under his name. He was very gentleman like while explaining to me why he pulled me over. When he returned to my truck he had the paper work in his hand which I figured was my ticket but to my surprise was a warning. I often wonder if my Vietnam Vet stickers and license made the difference. Thanks S/Sgt. Powell !!!

Robin - June 28, 2020

Terry in Tn, You got the spirit brother ! The only sticker my wife allowed at first was a “canned ham” USMC that I bought at the Px in DC at MHQ. Now I got a few more. My car has over 210K miles now and I’m sweating losing them……. I’l just keep the rear window…..

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