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Dedicated to Cpl Mason Admin |

Dedicated to Cpl Mason
by Sgt Moist

Forty years have come to pass since my Country called,
And I was proud it was my time.

So, I chose the Corps, or maybe a Voice guided me that fateful day,
For it was my time.

For when, at last, I was asked to Stand to Post,
I knew I could.

The nights were long and filled with dread,
But I seemed never to be alone.

It was the Voice again that warned me in the dark.
It was the Voice that warmed me in the cold.

Then came my time to Stand Down, and forty years have passed.
Now I find my Grandson standing to my post
For his time has come.

For those who have gone before now have a Post to Stand again,
And to be heard in the dark of night.

Sgt Moist

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