Desert Shield/Storm?

Seeing a lot of Vietnam vet posts. Haven’t seen any about 1990,91 Desert Shield/Storm commentaries. I was in 1st LAI Bn TOW plt. We got airlifted out on Labor Day weekend to Saudi Arabia. I suppose some of what I remember most are the exaggerations of the media. Like, I never drank 5 gal of water a day and after getting climatized I drank the same amount of water as I drank back at Pendleton. As far as actually busting caps, I never did, I was the guide and drove the platoon hummer wherever Capt. Freda wanted me to go. When we were sitting in Kuwait airport I found out that about 2/3 of the platoon never fired a shot either. And they were up with the forward units. I was with he supply train about 10 miles back. We sat in the middle of the burning oil wells for about 3 days before moving into the airport and then it ended. Just over a 96 timewise. I’ve only seen a couple of guys wearing Desert Storm covers since then and when I asked them where they were at or which units they were in it seemed like it was a big secret they couldn’t tell me anything. So if there are any Desert Shield/Storm vets out there with more interesting accounts to tell (and you’re not sworn to secrecy) go ahead and write in I would like to read them. And no, I’m not writing a book. R/S Sgt. Pete
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  • Murray hermanson

    Way to be on top of things Harry, I thought I was only one reading these Stories this early. I was going to post earlier today when I first read these stories, but I keep refraining from it. Don’t want it to look like I have nothing else to do. Pete, I know a lot of Desert Strom Vets that ware they’re Hat’s. I think it is just the numbers game why you don’t see as many. There just aren’t that many. Pete, as far as busting a cap, Harry and I busted a lot of caps, Blasting caps. I think Harry did, I know I did. I know you were talking about firing your rifle, not many do and it’s not that often. To tell you what I think some of us were just used as bait. When I fired my rifle it was always with no one in the sites, just return fire. Except once and I was quickly told to stop firing. Pete I am sure that there will be posts by your era Marine but they are busy with their lives now. Us Vietnam era are getting old now and have nothing else to do. Have a good rest of your life. Murray

  • Harry

    Hi Sgt. Pete Not far from my home there is a Memorial dedicated to the casualties of the 14th Quartermaster Detachment based in Greensburg Pa.The 14th suffered the highest casualties of any single unit in the Gulf War. 13 Killed and 43 Wounded. 81% of the unit! (A Scud Attack) I have visited the Memorial a few times. There were a couple former Marines in that unit. On 26 Feb 19 the future site of the National Desert Storm/Desert Shield Memorial was dedicated in Washington DC not far from the Vietnam Vets Memorial. I have already sent in a donation. They need a ton of money before they can brake ground. They have set up a web page to donate. Sgt Pete you guys and gals that served in the Gulf are “Not Forgotten” Semper Fi Harry

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