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I graduated from high school in june of 72 and went to Parris Island Jan 73. I just wanted to thank my Senior Drill Instructor SSgt. John Steele. This guy was fantastic and I will never forget him. I joined the Corps right out of high school to go to Vietnam. I figured if I could make it through boot camp and survive Nam, the rest of life would be all downhill. The only problem with my plan came just before boot camp ended.I had my orders for Nam, but they got changed at the last minute because we stopped sending people over there. I had to deal with the guys that were in country without being there myself. Made for some very interesting nights walking firewatch, as some of them were understandably quite jumpy. Sorry I never made it into a combat zone, but never regretted one day of service. I was declared medically unable to re-enlist and was discharged on 01 Apr 1981.
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