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DI Inspiration

DI Inspiration

Sgt. Grit, I can’t necessarily think of one action or one saying that my three DI’s said to me to motivate or inspire me, because they inspired me every day. I was obviously intimidated by them, and yet I admired them because they set the standard for the Marine that we were trying to become. To me they represented every Marine in the Corps. However, what does inspire me the most when I think of them is the military bearing that they maintained throughout the entire three months on the island. Through the heat, the humidity and mental strain on their own person and having to deal with 70+ knuckleheads each and every day, they held firm to the standard of being a United States Marine. I know there were a few turds in my platoon and some that might have even washed out once they got into the FMF, but when you consider the overall success rate and the emotional strain those guys went through (even the unmarried DI’s), it just amazes me that day in and day out they delivered their best to us. I won’t ever forget them – they helped to shape me into the Marine and the man that I am today. Thank You SSgt. Krause, Sgt. Ishmail and Sgt. Mazenko. Mike Kunkel, Platoon 2063 Cpl 0331, Lima 3/8 Weapons Platoon 81-85
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W. Joe Rainey L/Cpl 75-79 - April 20, 2020

We were told by the drill instructors not to put our hands on our hips unless we were selling something, lol!!! Thank you Sr. drill instructor Ssgt Campbell, Ssgt Poole and Sgt Kaiser. Plt 1024 Parris Island Nov. 75-Feb 76.

Billy Myers - April 20, 2020

It looks like the Drill Instructors “Gig Line” is a little bit off.

jerry powers - April 20, 2020

like to thank sgt.griffen,and sgt kerepta. and i think sgt anderson. usmc jan. 1972.proud to have been a marine.ooorah.


If your still out there, THANK YOU: S/SGT. BLUE, SGT. MC GEEN, SGT. PALACIO MCRD 1966 PLATOON 1135

Herb Z. - April 20, 2020

That is one squared away Marine. I did notice that he was not wearing any shooting badges. Why???? Graduated platoon 250 in ’67 from P I .

Andrew Gardner - April 20, 2020

I second your comments Herb, I owe a lot to GySgt Reid our Sr DI, along with Sgts Wilkinson and Thompson for turning a country boy into a Marine. The lessons learned with them and the boots in Plt 231 (Graduated Apr. 69) PI have lasted a lifetime, and paid some great dividends in this thing called life. A.H. Gardner CPL USMC 69-71

Herb Clardy - April 20, 2020

The first insightful accolade for the drill instructors that we all owe so much to. Most of us would not be the men of character, strength, fortitude and resolve that we are if we hadn’t be trained and encouraged by these men that molded us,not only into United States Marines, but conscientious men of character and leadership for our roles as husbands, fathers and leaders in our communities. Thanks to all of the hard work and tireless hours these men poured into our training. We are blessed! Herb Clardy, Cpl. 0341 81mm mortars 1962-66

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