DI Motivation and Inspiration

We all have something our DI’s said to us or made us do. Something that inspires and motivates us to this day. Send me your example.

Semper Fi
Sgt Grit

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  • L/Cpl Jimmy Searcy

    I comment I will never forget is when G/Sgt. Okley said you might learn anything thing here but when you leave you will shiting muscle.

  • Sgt. Joe Wilkerson

    MCRDPI 1974. 2nd Batt. We were told that “Everyday is a holiday and every meal is a feast”. This has allowed me to appreciate all that I have today.

  • Sgt James D. White. 1972 – 1976

    Probably the one that stuck with me the most was Sgt Dryer told us you are all a bunch of quitters some of you could not even make it thru school without quitting. I have remembered that since he said it and used it especially while on the job being a plant electrician I run into a lot of problems that I wanted to walk away from but that always came back I didn’t fix everything but I stuck with it or got the help that was needed. Still have to stay with anything I’m doing till it’s done and hate to get whipped. Thanks Sgt Dryer and the USMC made me what I am today

  • G. Bradshaw Cpl. E-4

    Parris Island, S.C. 1961. Had a SSgt (E-5) Livingston (JDI) when he figured that I had screwed up, he would stand in front of me and scream about this and that,,,,,,he would always call me “a long stale bag of urination”. I was 18 yrs. young & 6 foot 4 inches tall. As I stood there at attention, my eyes almost were able to see completely over his campaign hat. I believe he may have been sensitive about being shorter than some of us. SEMPER FI !!

  • Sgt. John “Frenchy” Lariviere. 1967-1971

    I was in boot camp at MCRD San Diego in the fall of 1967 and one of my DI’s, SSgt. Francisco Urrutia (RIP) was addressing one of my shortcomings. He asked me why I had done something (or didn’t do something I was supposed to) and I said “the Private has no excuse, sir!” It was the standard answer; what else could you say? Ssgt. Urrutia said “ damn right you got no excuse! Do you know WHY you have no excuse?” I replied that I didn’t. He said “because, Private Lariviere, excuses are like a**holes – everybody’s got one!” My son, as a teenager, heard that line several times…..

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