DI Motivation and Inspiration

We all have something our DI’s said to us or made us do. Something that inspires and motivates us to this day. Send me your example.

Semper Fi
Sgt Grit

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  • steven podsedly

    sgt conboy upon getting first haircut said. ” you have no hair on the head of your dick so if suzy rottencrotch does not like because you have no hair on your head she’s not worth it.”

  • Bill

    Staff Sgt. Gardner, Sgt. Cobb, and Sgt. Rivera stopped by the hut and said, “C’mon, girls, you’re going swimming”. It was hot summer day at boot camp in San Diego and I thought a swim would be great. We lined up, were led to a sand pit, told to lay on our bellies, and swim. Sand was flying everywhere. Lesson: don’t believe everything you’re told!!!

  • John Stone

    SGT Thomas, PI 3rd Batt ’65, demonstrating over hand pull ups. “If you can’t do do all ten pull ups at once, rest in the up position, sing the Marine Corps Hymn and you’ll wanna do 20 more!

  • Sgt C. Jones

    “Sir, I forgot” when I forgot to do something in close order drill. Platoon Commander S/Sgt Borgoius, “What if I forgot to take you to chow? You’d be a starvin’ ragin’, idiot”.

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