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Sgt Grit,

I met my boyfriend about two years ago, and he’s in MCRD right now, about four weeks left. He enlisted with two of his good friends, and they’re all doing very well. Before my boyfriend enlisted, I never really thought of all the people out there who put their own lives on the line for people they don’t even know. When he joined, it gave me new light to those people. Now, at work, on the streets; wherever I am, I always make a point of telling every man and woman I know ‘Thank you for your service.’ One of the boys’ moms teases me all the time ‘leave those poor people alone! You’re probably scaring them!’ But I just look at her and tell her, ‘Nah.. They shake my hand back and look me in the eyes and *normally* say ‘you’re welcome’ but I’ve gotten a few odd looks like ‘you’ve got to be kidding… wait… what!?!”

I recently had to use duct-tape to fix the front bumper on my car, and thought ‘well, while I’ve got the duct-tape, I’ll do a little personalized decal work on the hood…. I get some kind-of funny looks, but also some one-fingered waves. Like “cool but I’m too lazy to really actually pay attention” :]

Well, about two days after the duct-tape fix, it came loose again while I was driving to the mall to get something for him, and there was an older gentleman who pulled over to help me tie it up with a shoestring. :] He saw the USMC on the hood and asked, “Oh, who’s in the Marines?” I replied *very* proudly, “My boyfriend and two of his good friends.” He said, “Well good for them, pass on that we’re all proud of them and tell them good luck.” “I will.” He finished tying the shoestring to the bumper, and we went our separate ways.

It makes me so happy when people are thanked for putting their lives on the line for others, and I’m glad I’m one who thanks them. They aren’t thanked nearly enough sometimes, and sometimes they are even bashed for it…

One of the boys’ moms was at a gas station a couple of days ago, and the man behind the counter had a hat or something on, I can’t remember what she told me. But she knew that he had served, and it turned out it was in Vietnam (I think – I wasn’t there). Well there was another woman at the next cashier who was bashing the troops a bit and just carried her mouth and ended up saying to my friend’s mom, “Well if you support the troops that much, why don’t YOU go over there?” my friend’s mom just looked at the man behind the counter and said “Thank you, sir, for your service” and left.

I guess the point to this was just to say that it’s really not that hard to go a few inches outside your shell to say thank you to a serviceman or woman.

Semper Fi!

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