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Doc Hall

Doc Hall

I just finished reading this week's (25/26 June) newsletter, and in response to "MARINE Jim McCallum's (the ole gunny)" post concerning corpsmen, I thought I'd share a photo of "Doc" Hall. He was the ranking corpsman assigned to Lima 3/7 during the approximately six months (late December '66 to early June '67) that I had the privilege of serving as that company's Artillery Forward Observer from India 3/11. With a little luck, maybe one of your readers also served with him, and can give me an update on him.

Semper Fi!
Tom Downey
Once a captain, USMCR; always a Marine
1963-75 "for pay purposes:"
PLC candidate, summers of '63 & '65, while in college
Officer Basic School Class 4/66; USA Artillery School (Ft Sill, Ok)
Class 5/66
Vietnam 4Dec66-18Dec67– I/3/11: FO/FDO; 3d 8" How Btry HQ Unit: FDC
HQ Bn, FMFLant, Norfolk Va., ?Jan.1968-31May'69: Asst. Bn S4/EmbarcO
Reserves Aug69-Oct75: C & D 4th Recon Bn (later combined and
redesignated "C," 1/23), NAS Corpus Christi, TX (ExO of C Recon, CO of
D Recon, second CO of C/1/23 

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