Does anyone remember the POU platoon located in the 2nd Battalion???

I was a young man from the eastern shore of Maryland. My buddy and I always wanted to be Marines. On 28 June 1962 we signed up on the 120 day plan. I was 17 at the time and had never done much but play around. We left for P I on 25 Sept ’62 and arrived in Yesmassee SC at night. All of us know what happens from that point. I was a scared kid but wanted to be a Marine so I could do anything. On 26 Sept. we were picked up by our D I”s and headed to Plt 375. On 31 Oct ’62 my DI put me in his car and took me to the POU unit located in the 2nd Battalion. I wasn’t sure what was happening and he said i wasn’t keeping up with the standards that was expected.

I wasn’t in very good shape and couldn’t keep up with a lot of the PT etc. While in POU everyday doctors would talk to us and asked if we wanted to get out. That was the last thing i wanted. on 6 Nov 62 I was set back to Plt 379. From that point forward I was a different Marine. I became the DI’s “house mouse” and did everything and more that was expected of me. Upon graduation on 9 Jan’63 my DI said he had put me in to become a Marine guard at NSA at Fort Meade.In those days no one even knew what NSA was. After 14 months in C L N C and making a Med cruise I was cleared and sent to Ft. Meade Mare Guard Att.I was there for 30 months and got out a Oct.1966. One of the proudest things i ever did was to become a U.S. Marine especially the way I had to do it. Semper Fi always.

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  • Cpl. G. Suniga 1371/0361

    Are there any Marines from Platoon 280 1963, out in Semper FI land. I was there on that year.

  • Cpl G. Suniga 1371/0361

    The Marines I’m asking are MCRD San Diego Platoon 280 1963. Semper FI

  • Cpl. G. Suniga 1371/0361

    Are there any Marines from MCRD San Diego Platoon 280 1963, out in Semper FI land. I was there on that year. Semper FI!!

  • neil berke

    Any jarheads from Plt 113 Feb 1959?

  • Sgt. M. Blair

    Our Senior D.I. decided it was necessary for the entire platoon to experience the joys of “Motivation Platoon”. This was 1st Battalion at P.I. in 70. Everybody got it for one day and everyone came back determined never to go again!

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