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Dong Ha Ammo Dump

Dong Ha Ammo Dump

Dong Ha Ammo Dump explosion Dong Ha Ammo Dump explosion Dong Ha Ammo Dump explosion Dong Ha Ammo Dump explosion Dong Ha Ammo Dump explosion Dong Ha Ammo Dump explosion

The Dong Ha ammo dump story that you had on your Feb 26th newsletter prompted me to send you these images taken mostly from the 3rd Tank Battalion maintenance ramp on June 20, 1968. It was an amazing pyrotechnics display of the magnitude that I’ll never experience again. Many years later I read a very interesting story that was published in the official history, “The US Marine Corps in Vietnam – 1968” printed by the History and Museums Division, HQ US Marine Corps. On Page 360 they write that the North Vietnamese, fearing that the rumors of a US invasion into their country was about to take place, fired a massive artillery bombardment into the huge Dong Ha Combat Base striking the ammunition dump that was located at the far southern edge of the base. This left the 3rd Mar Div “desperately short” of artillery ammunition and the planned invasion was delayed.


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L/Cpl Anzalone ( Chuck). USMC - November 2, 2023

My name is Chuck Anzalone , L/Cpl USMC . I landed in Da Nang Vietnam on January 13, 1967 ( Friday 13th ) . I was on my way to Dong Ha , USMC Ammo dump. My tour of duty there in Dong Ha Vietnam ended on August 26, 1967.!! Me and a few other my Marine Corps friends were supposed to leave around the same time, but our order got messed up and only two of us were able to leave that day ? Well, everyone knows what happened to our ammo dump that was my home for eight months.!!!! it was a sad day that September 3, 1967 !!!! I was home on leave in Mount Morris, New York, when I heard that our ammo dump was hit by a VC attack ! Would you believe I saw a small clip of it on the late news on TV ! I was sick to my stomach when I saw that not knowing what had happened and if all my buddies were OK ? I was stationed at camp Lejeune to finish my tour of duty in the Marines. And would you believe I met up with all my buddies that were there when the dump was hit and blew up!! They spent many days in our bunkers between the Hooches. That was a great reunion with all my Marine Corps brothers.

Chuck Anzalone L/Cpl USMC Dong Ha 1967 Ammo Dump - November 2, 2023

I landed in Da Nang, Vietnam, on January 13, 1967 ( Friday 13th ) !!!! On my way to Dong Ha , USMC Ammo Company .. Dong Ha Ammo Dump?? my deployment was over the end of August around the 26th 1967 . I was supposed to leave with five of my close buddies. But our orders. Got messed up and only two of us got our orders to go home to leave that crap hole

Martin Brasher - August 29, 2023

I was in the Ammo dump on June 20th 1968, and was in the cell containing artillery propellant where the first round hit, this was back near the Army ammo dump. I was hit by shrapnel from the first incoming round. We were trapped in the center of the Ammo dump for what seemed like forever, and finally escaped by running down the fence line to the front office area.

Paul Smith JR - July 9, 2023

I was just going through my father’s things as he passed away a little over two years ago. He was stationed at Dong Ha in 68-69. I found a citation he received for saving as much ammunition as he could when this happened.

Rebecca Dennys - July 28, 2022

My father recently passed away and we are just now piecing together his service time in Vietnam. We are still going the pictures and notes my dad left. He was in Dong Ha as a Navy Seabee working in the machine shop by the river. My uncle said my dad repaired the heavy equipment as a hydraulics mechanic. He also was near the ramp where they loaded and unloaded on the river. He was very close to the ammunition dump when it exploded and we have at least one picture taken from his hut as the ammo dump burned. . He said he spent 24 hours in his foxhole after that event waiting to safely exit. My dad’s name was William Fletcher (CM3). We are trying to connect with anyone who may have known or served with him—to tell the story he never did.

Rebecca (Fletcher) Dennys

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