Don't Jump in to a Fox Hole without Looking

Don't Jump in to a Fox Hole without Looking

I arrived in country in September 1968 and was assigned to KCo 3/7 on hill 37. The Bn was out on a operation so I was with the short timers and walking wounded that remained in the rear. Each night some of us had to stand watch in the fox holes and bunkers that was on hill 37. One night we started taking in coming so all of us started running with our M16 rifles to our assigned positions when I jumped in to my fox hole I landed on a M16 fifle flash surpresser right up my ASS! All I saw was stars and almost passed out. Mean while we are taking 82 motors and small arms fire from the village below hill 37 (Di Loc) I went to sick bay the next morning and was put on light duty for 5 days. I could not take a crap for a week. Welcome to Vietnam Nam my friend! Sgt R.P. McLeod on the right ready to go on night patrol!
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  • James Ciotti

    Did you get that PH for combat wound?

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