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Dont mess with this RV!

Dont mess with this RV!

Sgt Grit,

No body mess with this motor home, I leave no doubt that this machine is the property of a US Marine. The bumper stickers tell it all. There will
be more added to it in the future.

They read:
Marine Sniper – One shot One kill.
Marines always welcome – Relatives by appointment
Semper Fi Mac!
It's not an attitude problem – We are that good
USMC 100% Whoopass
Mess with one Marine, you mess with them all
USMC Alumni
Marine Sniper you can run but you die tired
Marines fear only God, No others
Heaven won't take us and Hells afraid we will take over
When in doubt – Empty the magazine

Semper Fi,
Jerry Kleinsmith
Cpl 1956-1962

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