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I also fell in love with the USMC Dress Blues, after high school I took Summer vacation, signed up Nov/67. My recruiter talked me into the 120-day delay plan for the holidays. Left on 8/Jan/68, discharged 7/Jan/72.  While in at that time they did not give out Dress Blues, you had to buy them; around $400. I could not buy a set, but still loved those Dress Blues. In the middle of 1969 anyone active by 31/Dec/67 were being let out early. Due to the delay plan, I finished up my 4-year tour. I'll always be proud of being a Marine. I have a bulldog tattoo on my left upper arm, Semper Fi on the back of my neck, wear Marine Corps t-shirts year round, leather Marine Corps jacket. Once A Marine, Always A Marine. OOOORAH!
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