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Duc Pho Good Friday of " 67"

I’ve heard different stories about the hit on 3/7 on Good Friday of 67 at Duc Pho. My recollection we started taking incoming about o200hrs. I was w/H&S Co We were at the base of the hill and about the middle just above the J4 fuel dump. We were taking small arms, rockets and some 57 recoilless rifle. What hit the fuel dump I don’t know, but let me tell you that was a sight to behold. Best fireworks display I’ve ever seen. I talk to some Marines later at Chu Lai said they could see the flames from their. I was about 75 meters from the dump. Does any other Marine remember being their that night. Semper Fi, my friends
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Ignacio Hernandez Castilleja - May 20, 2022

I was there about 35 yards from the fuel bladder. It was between 1:30 and 2:00 in the morning when I heard the first explosion. My partner and I jumped out of our cots and went outside through the rear entrance of our bunker. The perimeter machine guns were firing at the tree lines where the mortars were coming from the village. Everything was on a fire ammo dump, fuel bladder 10,000 gallons of Ave gas for the choppers. To this day I swear somebody paced the area, Sick Bay, chow area, this didn’t happen by coincidence Ignacio (Nash)Castilleja 9th Bulkfuel Co out of Ky Ha Mag 36.CO WO Woods.

Cpl. N.Nardone USMCSF - April 2, 2020

I was Not there to witness what you saw however I do have a question! I was in Hue City 11/ 67 thru 5/68 in Support of the 1st Arvn Infantry Division was then transferred to Hoi An 2nd ROK Marine Brigade. My question is I was always under the impression the 57mm Recoilless Rifle was an American Weapon. Were these 57 Recoilless Rifles Captured Weapons???? Or could they be 122mm Rockets!

Gary Ranson - April 2, 2020

Yes, I was on perimeter duty at Chu Lao. I could see everything, it looked nuclear from where I was. I could even feel the concussions as they went off.

Gary Ranson - April 2, 2020

Yes, I was on perimeter duty at Chu Lai. I could see everything, it looked nuclear from where I was. I could even feel the concussions as they went off.

sidney crews - April 2, 2020

In reply to Cpl. N.Nardone USMCSF.
Hey Cpl. From what I understood, it’s American made,and we supplied the French with them and when the French got their butts handed to them and where booted out, they left everything. That how it was explained too me. So yes it was captured. I think the Vietnamese had all kind of weapons that were captured. From WW 2( Japanese), the Indo China war (French) and yes the Viet Nam war. What made me think it was recoilless the explosion was more like a grenade and not a rocket Hope this answered your question. Semper Fi ,my friend

Ben - April 2, 2020

I was stationed at 4-Corners outside of Danang, possible 10 miles away from the dump and it lit the entire area where we were. It looked like morning came a little early that day.

Art Swanson - April 2, 2020

I was in Chu Lai at that time. I was at the north end of the air strip for 3 months. Moved up to Da Nang ( south of ) that spring by ship. I haven’t given that time much thought . 50 yrs? Maybe somewhere in my mind. My mos 1811 Tanks.

Mack Rush - April 2, 2020

I was there on op on the side of the mountain at the base. I saw it all from above and remember the sound of rockets coming in. I was in H&s co in the 106 section.

Cpl. N.Nardone USMCSF - April 2, 2020

Thanks Sidney for the Feedback also everyone else! I wasn’t aware that the US supplied France with any Weapons. But now that, that was brought to mind It makes Sense!

J. R. Statz - April 2, 2020

Sidney- I was there – I was in H&S Co. also, I was the 81’s Forward Observer for Lima Co. The company was the 3/7 security, we had just assumed that duty after returning from days of patrolling. Your time is correct give or take minutes, the assault by the enemy was fast, short, and believed to be carried out my hard core NVA. The saving grace was that a high % of the gernades thrown became duds. The assault was through a sugar cane field, our machine gun teams on the perimeter did a fantastic job not to minimize the job of all the Lima Co. Grunts. Sidney what really surprises me is the little know facts about the duration of 3/7 3 month deployment to that area.(Jan-Apr 67)

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